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An invitation to experience modern Tokyo at the level of daily life

Keen travelers will know the difference between the fantasized and the real. The real more than often happens in the realm of calm, not cool. Tokyo is currently more than any other capital of the world a set of fables set in the hectic between two mind soothing shrines, to be experienced by all means, most of which have nothing to do with daily life. Sure, there is no single version of daily life, but there is no daily life not grounded in the real, a real to stir your imagination beyond the classics.

I create and lead comfortable premium walks set in surprising locations in Tokyo, in mostly ignored districts despite those being located more than often a short distance to the trodden paths. See for yourself and inquire.

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Some views of the Sumida river when the sun is setting around 5:59 pm in May

All in all, a nice stroll back home when you choose the right time.

The power of past architecture

Dwellings and buildings of several past periods still standing in Western Tokyo inspire awes.

And now, sailing

Moored pleasure boat waiting for the night.

Sumida blues

Dear Kuramae. Confined just south of Asakusa where your trip must have found you walking among the crowd of visitors, Kuramae is not pretty, as is the case overall for Tokyo. Walking along the Sumida river, I wonder what enjoyment, besides cruising the waters, the travelers onboard the river boats may find in that experience. This is not the Seine, nor the Arno. But they must find something. Rare is the case where travelers walk along the river here at Kuramae though. They do a little at Asakusa level, but Kuramae, a mere 15 minutes south, is not featured on any travel plan. It lacks a picturesque artifact like yet another massive shrine, but photographers will enjoy the perspective. It is, scattered around, full of unpretentious features of daily life, especially in the solitary back streets, with rare memories of a thriving era when docks were busy with strong commercial affairs. Daily life does not sell. It lacks entertainment. It is good that way.Walking along the stretch of the r…

Tokyo - Journal de résidence - in French, enfin...

A French language, different version of this blog has started elsewhere. You may consider following it as well. See the link below.

 On reprend, ici, avec les mêmes personnages.

Tokyo - Journal de résidence, le blog, se remet doucement en mode diffusion.

Abonnez-vous, diffusez. Merci.

Reading the urban landscape in Tokyo

Just northwest of Zoshigaya is an exceptional experience of transiting in a short time through contrasting layers of Tokyo. Reading the urban landscape means walking through these.
The starting point could be that territory just left of the Tokyo College of Music. Four protective temples with cemeteries offer a huge and varied canopy of bursting green and the adequate loneliness attached of a village kind of mood. Kyoto can wait.
A walking trail is squeezed in between heading north. You quickly land into a starter chunk of Ikebukuro's territory with private schools, food and drink shops. The contrast is sharp as there is no progressive entry stage into the urban. You kind of slam open a door and close the one behind.
Further north, the ward opened last year the odd, ultra urban Minami Ikebukuro Park. This is basically a rectangular low maintenance piece of lawn that could be anywhere, but not in downtown Tokyo. It offers the strange and uncommon sight of people laying on the gra…

Some recent views of a Tokyo countryside

Beautiful under a grey sky too.
Inquire for your own day there.


Zoshigaya-Kishimondo shrine, Zoshigaya-Mimizu park. Soothing neighborhood and topography, lovely backstreets, accidental encounter -was there a long time ago - looking for something else. Very good for a grey day like today. Light lunch of yuba on top of rice. I asked for a recommendation for a meal and got a nice one.

On crossing Yoshiwara by pure chance

The malaise generated by the crossing of Yoshiwara is more interesting than the location itself when seen first time, unless you have access to the innards of that historical mythic red light district. Confessing that one had never so far crossed even intentionally Yoshiwara after more than 30 years of residence is like spilling at risk being a Parisian who never climbed up to the top floor of the Eiffel tower. It is not in effect a proof of incompetence though, but a sign that you belong. Besides, who among the Japan worshippers report these days on the experiences of bars with girls and more inside, even and especially in literary of graphical forms?Much farther north by northeast of this picture, we were heading to Café Bach where the soothing music is muffled by the clinging and various noises coming from the holy brew being prepared at the counter. Many paths lead to Bach and Google Maps was prudish enough not to recommend Nakanomichi street, the main artery of Yoshiwara, as the …